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Helping Get You Out Of Harm’s Way

If you are in immediate danger – call the police and take steps, if you can, to move out of harm’s way. If you are not in immediate danger but are involved in some type of abusive relationship, you need to know that “doing a better job around the house” or “being a better person” won’t stop the abuse.

You need to know that the domestic violence you’re experiencing will grow worse, not better, unless the abuser wants to change. Our attorneys have been dealing with issues of domestic violence in New York courts for more than 25 years.

As a prosecutor in Orange County, New York, from 1982-1989, Barbara Strauss prosecuted a large number of domestic abuse cases and started the county’s Child Sex Abuse Unit. During this time, she also taught domestic violence classes to local law enforcement personnel.

A former board member of Safe Homes of Orange County, Barbara Strauss is also certified as a court-appointed attorney for children by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. In this capacity, she works to protect the rights of children involved in abusive situations. Then, as now, she has worked with mental health professionals to provide counseling to those affected by these matters.

The Other Side Of Domestic Violence

Because she has had so much experience with these issues as a lawyer – Ms. Strauss also understands that sometimes people face serious criminal charges and consequences because of an isolated mistake or false accusation.

In our family law and criminal defense practices, we provide the kind of assertive and credible advocacy needed to avoid harsh criminal sentences and protect your reputation.

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