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Best Attorney Orange County NY Testimonials


Best Family Law Attorney in Orange County NY

If somebody asked me for a name of a good family law attorney, I would tell them I can’t tell them of a “good” one but I can tell them the name of the “BEST”. Barbara J. Strauss is the best family law attorney you can have. My divorce case was long, nasty & difficult.

Barbara stood by me & made sure that I received a fair settlement in my case. She never gave up on me or my case. I believe other lawyers would have asked to been removed from my case but not Barbara. Thanks to Barbara’s extremely hard work & her wonderful office staff, I am now able to happily move on in my new life! Thank you Barbara! ~ Angela

Great Lawyer

Barbara helped me with an involved case many years ago and made the process much easier. She was caring and knowledgeable. ~ Debra

Extremely Competent Attorney

I am a fellow matrimonial attorney and have worked with Barbara on numerous matters. She is thorough and extremely knowledgable and well versed in the law and has been working in this community for over 25 years. She is a caring and wonderful advocate for all of her clients. ~ Alysa