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Child Custody

Resolving Child Custody/Parenting Plan Issues…And Protecting Children

Strauss & Kallus Law Offices — Goshen, New York

All of us who are parents want our children to have the best possible childhood. Parents going through divorce often fear the impact that a custody dispute might have on the children. Attorney Barbara Strauss is aware of these issues and keeps the child’s best interests in mind when handling child custody cases.

Child custody does not have to be a stumbling block in your path through divorce. Attorney Barbara J. Strauss has had great success in resolving this difficult issue through the use of negotiation, mediation, collaborative law approaches and litigation where necessary.

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At Strauss & Kallus Law Offices, we help people throughout Orange County and the surrounding areas of New York to resolve child custody/parenting plan issues while at the same time, minimizing the potential for long-term emotional damage to the children involved. Our practice includes:

  • Sole custody and joint custody cases
  • Neglect and abuse issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Paternity/fathers' rights
  • Custodial parent relocation
  • Child visitation
  • Interstate custody disputes
  • ICARA and Hague Convention cases
  • Post-divorce modifications to child custody and visitation orders

Committed to the Best Interests of Children

Since entering private practice in 1990, attorney Barbara J. Strauss has been an ardent and committed advocate for the rights of children in divorce. She has taught parenting classes, been appointed to serve as a children's law guardian (lawyer for the child), and even received an award of merit from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Ms. Strauss's commitment has given our firm experience in complex interstate (and international) relocation cases.

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